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One of the Eco-villains, Hoggish Greedly is the first villain Captain Planet and the Planeteers encounter. Greedly is voiced by Edward Asner.

Like Verminous Skumm, Greedly has animal-like tendencies and appearance, largely resembling a pig. Greedly makes reference to this himself upon occasion, comparing himself to bacon or pork, usually prompted by Captain Planet: "He can still fry our chops."

Greedly has a wild, snorting laugh, which continues on for several seconds. He also snorts and grumbles when he is afraid or panicked.

Greedly has pink skin, small, fanged teeth, and an upturned nose. He has a thin mohawk of reddish brown hair on his head, and pointed ears. He is incredibly fat, and is often found stuffing his face with any available food.

Greedly wears a uniform of muted green, which almost looks like Army attire. He has dozens of pockets, and big black boots. He wears a green tie.

He does not appear to be very brave - once Captain Planet arrives, he often resorts to begging or pleading, usually desperate to be saved from his own plan, which has backfired.

However, he can be very cruel, and he has attempted to harm the Planeteers on more than one occasion.

Family and Relationships[edit]

Greedly has a son - Hoggish Greedly Junior. Junior has a crush on Linka in the episode Smog Hog. During this episode, Junior falls ill due to his father's polluting ways. The Planeteers convince Greedly to shut his polluting car factory down. It appears as though Greedly is not a completely unfeeling individual, willing to give up his car factory without resistance for the sake of his son's health.

Greedly descends from Don Porkaloin, who was a villian generations ago. Another group of Planeteers was forced to face him. Gaia tells this story in the episode Hog Tide.

Greedly's wife (if one exists) is never seen or mentioned.

Signficant Episodes[edit]


Gi: What you're doing is wrong, Greedly! And we need to put an end to it.

Greedly: No chance, nature nerds! I'm keeping you on ice while I go fishing.

Captain Planet is tearing up Greedly's drift nets, causing Greedly's boat to rock and sway.

Greedly: Rigger!

Rigger: Uh, yes, Mr. Greedly?

Greedly: Don't just stand there! Turn this ship around! To full-speed backwards!

Greedly: Nothin' like hog grease to get these rings off! You're nothing but five ordinary kids now.

Wheeler: Yeah? Well at least we wasted your lousy drift net racket! You're pork-chopped, Hoggish Greaseball!

Greedly: That was just my test ship, green-horn. Ahahahahahahaha!

Rigger: Oh, yeah! Ahahahaha!

Greedly: Drift-netting the ocean is even more fun than burning down a rainforest.