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Verminous Skumm is one of the eco-villains. He is a large, mutant rat, born and raised in a sewer. Skumm is determined to take over the Earth.

Skumm is responsible for the death of Linka's cousin, Boris. He is also responsible for Linka becoming addicted to the drug Bliss, which Skumm created in the episode Mind Pollution.

Skumm has an army of rats at his disposal. Some are enormous and clothed, like him, but he is also able to communicate and control the regular rat population.

Skumm wears tattered and dirty clothing - a blue/purple jumpsuit that is torn and dishevelled, and a red scarf wound around his head and face. He often hides in shadows or covers his face. He favours the underground.

Significant Episodes[edit]

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Skumm has caught Linka trying to shut his factory down and is watching her through his security cameras.

Skumm: Hold it there, my pretty little Planeteer. You look out of sight in my sights...

- Rain of Terror

Skumm: Soon my acid rain cloud will begin its rain of terror! What a pity you won't be around to see it, Planeteers.

Kwame: You have not won yet! Let us go now, or you will regret it later! I am warning you...

Skumm: Save your breath! Impudent human.

- Rain of Terror

Skumm is watching the results of his acid rain on the security monitors.

Skumm: Now that's entertainment!

- Rain of Terror

Captain Planet is blowing Skumm's cloud away.

Skumm: Who is that guy, and what's he doing with my cloud? Hey you! Get off of my cloud!

- Rain of Terror