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Captain Planet is the title character of the series.

When the Planeteers combine their powers, the result takes on the appearance of a superhero: Captain Planet.

Whenever the Planeteers summon him, Captain Planet always declares: "By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!" This is usually followed by the Planeteers encouraging him with a chant: "Go Planet!"

When the current crisis seems averted, Captain Planet discorporates back into the five rings with the words, "The power is yours," implying a duty and the ability on the part of the Planeteers to continue protecting the environment when he is gone.

Captain Planet's abilities are many and varied. He can shape-shift and alter his structure to take on the properties of any element or material as well as transmuting other objects in a similar fashion. In various episodes he flies, has great strength, and displays telepathic/empathic abilities.

Captain Planet is weakened when he is in contact with pollutants, radiation, smog, etc. Like Gaia, he is bound to the physical realm of Earth. Although he is capable of flying into space, his powers and form begin to fade when he travels away from the planet, which is demonstrated in the episode Greenhouse Planet.

Captain Planet is typically only called by the Planeteers when they are in trouble or when the situation is too complicated or dangerous for them to continue on alone. He is usually called towards the end of each episode, though it's not unknown for him to appear earlier. Occasionally he is present throughout the entire episode, like in the two-part episode "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste".

His main role is usually to clean up the results of the latest plan by the eco-villains. A typical way of ridding the Earth of waste is to gather it up and throw it into the sun - though he has also favoured regular solutions, such as recycling. Captain Planet will also (although not always) round up the villains at the end of the episode and hand them over to the appropriate authorities.

Though Captain Planet is famous for his puns and lame jokes, he can often be counted on to reassure the Planeteers and offer them kind words and encouragement when they feel down or when they doubt themselves. Despite his desire to share silly one-liners and ridiculous jokes at the worst possible times, he does show a sort of fatherly affection towards the Planeteers, and can be serious when it counts. He seems particularly outraged whenever the eco-villains personally threaten the safety of his Planeteers. (A good example of this is when Verminous Skumm threatens Linka's health in Mind Pollution.)

It is not unknown for Planet to appeal to the public to override the behaviour displayed by the villains in each episode. In the episode "A Formula for Hate", Captain Planet emplores the high school, through a heartfelt speech, to overturn the negative comments and rumours that have been present throughout the episode.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Captain Planet is weakened by sources of pollution, such as smog or toxic waste. He is overpowered several times by villains who have harnessed various toxins. A common way to overcome Captain Planet is usually by hosing him down with toxic waste or sludge.

The Planeteer emblem on his chest appears to be a main source of power for Captain Planet. He is often revived when the emblem is exposed to sunlight, or cleansed with clean water.

He is reliant on the Planeteers for power, who are also affected by pollution. If there is too much pollution around, their rings will not work and Captain Planet cannot be summoned. In the episode Greenhouse Planet, Captain Planet is left only with the powers of Earth and Heart, after Kwame and Ma-Ti are rocketed into space. He is unable to return their powers to him, and is stuck in a half-form. It would appear these powers are the minimal amount needed for Captain Planet to exist in some form. However, he is unable to use all of his abilities without the other Planeteers and their powers - such as Linka's power of Wind, which enables him to fly.

Captain Planet gains strength from Earth's elements. When he is overcome, he often says he needs to "return to the Earth to recharge."

Significant Episodes[edit]


Gi: I was worried when we lost our rings.

Captain Planet: But look how well you did without them! Remember, it's not your rings that give you the power. The power is always right here, inside you.

- The Dead Seas

Kwame: Thanks, Captain Planet!

Captain Planet: Don't thank me - the real hero's Ma-Ti. With brave Planeteers like you, the Earth will always be safe from harm. Remember, the power is yours.

- Rain of Terror

Nukem: Your power flunkies better pay our ransom soon, Captain Planet! You won't survive much more of my radiation!

Captain Planet: Forget it, Nukem! The Planeteers will never agree to your evil demands!

- Deadly Ransom

Blight: It's Captain Planet!

Captain Planet: Very bright, Blight.

- Deadly Ransom

Captain Planet: Thanks for getting me out of that hot spot, Planeteers. With friends like you, the Earth has a chance. And, as always, the power is yours!

- Deadly Ransom

Captain Planet tries to fly, but crashes to the ground.

Gaia: You don't have the power of Wind anymore, remember?

Captain Planet: Wow, what a come-down.

- Greenhouse Planet

Captain Planet: Gaia, what good is a superhero without superpowers?

Gaia: You still have the power that counts most. Your courage.

Captain Planet: Thanks, Gaia. (He runs to the geo-cruiser). Who says I can't fly?

- Greenhouse Planet

Captain Planet carries the unconscious forms of Wheeler, Gi and Linka outside:

Captain Planet: Wow, I never knew what a hard job I have. Ow, my back...

- Greenhouse Planet

Captain Planet: Blight, you couldn't torch the broad side of a tar pit.

- Greenhouse Planet

Captain Planet: Well, Planeteers, I'm due for a major recharge! And I'm not leaving a wake-up call. The power is yours!

- Greenhouse Planet