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Gaia is the Spirit of Earth. She is introduced in the first episode, A Hero For Earth. She is the third character to be seen or introduced, after Hoggish Greedly and his sidekick, Rigger.

Though Gaia looks after the Planeteers and obviously views them as children to her mother-like figure, she rarely gives them personal advice. She treats them as a team, warning them to be careful and to take care of one another and work together. She often watches over them and contacts them as they are leaving Hope Island in the geo-cruiser.

In the first episode, A Hero For Earth, it would appear that Gaia has a soft spot for Ma-Ti, treating him with gentle affection. This may be because he is the youngest, but she also makes it clear that he has the most important power of all, and without him, the other Planeteers have no cause.

Hope Island[edit]

See main article, Hope Island.

Significiant Episodes[edit]


Gaia: It's those poor, silly humans again. They're going to destroy my planet if they keep going on like this. What's a mother to do? - A Hero For Earth

Gaia: I guess I napped too long. - A Hero For Earth

Gaia: It's worse than I thought. Earth is dying! The time has come for the rings. I need young people to help now. Starting with five very special kids from five corners of the globe. From Africa: Kwame. From Asia: Gi. From North America: Wheeler. From the Soviet Union: Linka. And, from South America: Ma-Ti. These then, are my first Planeteers. The world's greatest hope. - A Hero For Earth

Gaia: Through your power rings, each of you can control one power of nature. To a limited degree. - A Hero For Earth

Gaia: Ma-Ti, yours is the greatest power of all, because without a heart to guide them, the other powers are useless. Through you, the others will always be linked, no matter where they are. On the side of good, you are a team. Now and forever, the Planeteers! - A Hero For Earth

Gaia: You must have faith in yourselves, Planeteers, because you're fighting for the good of the whole world.

Kwame: And if we encounter a situation which we cannot handle?

Gaia: Well, just put your powers together. Then you'll really be surprised! - A Hero For Earth

Linka: I told you your plan wouldn't work!

Wheeler: At least I did something besides just talk!

Linka: Exactly! You set off the alarm!

Wheeler: Oh, so now it's all my fault? If I'd had some help, it would have been different!

Kwame: Look, it's Gaia!

Gaia: Planeteers, what's going on here?

Ma-Ti: Gaia, I am afraid we have let you down this time.

Gaia: No you haven't! But you must remember, blaming each other is a waste of time. The only thing that matters is changing what's wrong. To rescue Captain Planet, you must stop blaming each other and start working together. The power is yours!

- Deadly Ransom