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Planeteer Club: Junior High (Ma-Ti Power 1990-1999)

Ma-Ti Power is a Brazilian teenage 12 year old boy also know as Ma-Ti "Trixie" Power. Ma-Ti Power's nickname was Pink Boy Power. Ma-Ti Power was born on July 6, 1984 in Acre, Brazil. Ma-Ti likes to dance with Kwame and Wheeler at the '80s dance class, he loves to get married Kwame better than Wheeler. Ma-Ti become a girl will married Kwame after wedding party. Ma-Ti likes to get married Gi better than Linka. Ma-Ti become a boy will married Gi after wedding party. However, Ma-Ti Power's favorite pet was monkey, Suchi. Ma-Ti Power didn't like girls and a african american man on a newspaper, he loves Kwame. In the late, 1990s, Ma-Ti "Trixie" Power know as Trixie from LazyTown a.k.a The Rapper Gal.

Name: Ma-Ti Power Real Name: Ma-Ti "Trixie" Power Nickname: Pink Boy Power Born: July 6, 1984 in Acre, Brazil Married: Kwame, Gi Sports: Runner Food: Curry with Indian Rice Place: India Music: '90s Pop Hits TV Shows: Captain Planet and the Planeteers