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Uncle Dmitri

Dmitri is Linka's uncle and Boris' father. He lives in Washington DC.

Linka visits Dmitri and Boris in the episode Mind Pollution. Dmitri appears surprised by her visit, but very pleased, sweeping her up in his arms.

He confides to Linka that he is worried about his son, Boris. He hopes that Linka's visit will cheer Boris up.

Dmitri cooks blintzes for Boris and Linka, but a fire breaks out in the kitchen. Everyone escapes unharmed, but Dmitri is not seen again during the episode. It is never revealed how he reacted to Boris' death or if he ever spoke to Linka again afterwards.


Boris is rotund, with white hair and dark eyes.

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Linka surprises Dmitri with a visit: Linka: Hello, Uncle Dmitri! Dmitri: Linka! What a surprise! Linka: Oh, Uncle Dmitri, it is so good to see you! Where is my favourite cousin? Dmitri: Boris, come see who is here!

Boris has come downstairs in his pyjamas, looking unwell: Dmitri: Get dressed, and I will make Linka my famous blintzes for breakfast! And Boris, for once, please comb your hair!

Dmitri expresses concern to Linka: Dmitri: Boris - he is moody, and does nothing but stay out late. He never meets his friends. Linka, you were always close. Perhaps you could talk to him.