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Madame Mao is the owner and ringleader of Madame Mao's Circus. She appears to be good friends with Mame Slaughter. Claude Slaughter works at her circus as an animal trainer.

The Planeteers track Madame Mao as they search for a panda sold from a south-east Asian animal market. Mao bought the panda and has Claude train it to perform in the circus ring. It could be assumed that her circus is also located in south-east Asia, though this is never explicitly stated once the Planeteers leave the animal market.

Mao wears Asian-inspired dresses and shirts in bright colours. She has long dark hair which is usually warn in a high ponytail. She favours red lipstick. When she is in the ring, she adds a top hat and cloak to her outfit.

Like her friend Mame, Madame Mao is quite a ruthless eco-villain, plotting to kill the Planeteers from the moment she is tipped off about their arrival. The Planeteers are forced to work quickly and use their rings often in order to survive their mission at Madame Mao's Circus.

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Mame Slaughter has telephoned Madame Mao to warn her of the Planeteers' arrival.

Mame Slaughter: Exactly, Madame Mao. They are dangerous nuisances, so be prepared. They could be arriving at any time.

Madame Mao: I assure you, Mame. They will not leave here alive.

Claude Slaughter has been standing nearby and overhears.

Claude Slaughter: Is my mommy coming to see me?

Madame Mao: That's right, Claude! Now lock up the panda. We have work to do!

Claude starts to cry and sulk.

Claude Slaughter: But I wanna keep training her!

He whips the panda angrily.

Madame Mao: Later, Claude. Your mother says we're expecting visitors. You can 'train' them!

Claude Slaughter: Oh. Goody!

The circus folk angrily surround the Planeteers:

Claude: Hey! What do you pipsqueaks think you're doing?

Ma-Ti: Um, we were kind of hoping for a hot meal and maybe some work...

Madame Mao: I could use your talents...

Wheeler: Wow! I've always dreamed of being in a circus!

Gi murmurs to herself:

Gi: Working on the inside may be the best way to get Juliet out of here.

Kwame: Gi is right!

Talking to Madame Mao again:

Linka: We accept!

Wheeler: I'm dyin' to know what awesome act you want me for!

Madame Mao: You'll be amazed at what I have in mind for you!

Claude: What'd you give 'em jobs for? I thought we were gonna off 'em!

Madame Mao: Your mother said to make sure it looked like they had an accident. And what better place for an accident?! Now does Claude get it?

Claude: .... Oh, yeah! Now Claude gets it! You and my mommy sure are smart!