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Looten Plunder is one of the eco-villains. He considers himself a suave businessman. He rarely gets his hands dirty, instead relying on others to do the dirty work for him while he watches from afar and profits.

Plunder has shoulder-length brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. He usually wears a green suit trimmed with tiger-skin.

Money is Plunder's main motive. He often finds corruption and weaknesses and exploits them for his own gain. Plunder doesn't care about human or environmental suffering, so long as cash continues to enter his pockets. He will even go so far as to exploit or turn his back on the other eco-villains in order to benefit himself. He tries his hand in most things - illegal hunting and poaching, deforestation, habitat destruction, and misuse of technology.

Plunder is the only eco-villain to ever beat the Planeteers, succeeding in his schemes in the episode Who Gives a Hoot.

Plunder obviously has a large supply of money and support, often using radical and advanced technology, as well as having many people willing to follow him and do his bidding. He has only one regular sidekick, Argos Bleak, but Plunder's power extends to many, and it is evident he has the personality and the means to get people to follow him.

Occasionally, Plunder produces two other semi-regular sidekicks, the Pinehead Brothers, Oakey and Dokey.

Plunder is originally voiced by James Coburn. In later episodes he is voiced by Ed Gilbert.

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Plunder: My fellow polluters, I thank you for coming.

Skumm: If we all stick together, we can stick it to planet Earth like it's never been stuck before!

Greedly: Just tell us the good part Plunder! How we're gonna get rich...

Plunder: The word is filthy rich, Mr. Greedly.

- Don't Drink the Water

Wheeler: All the eco-rats in one nest!

Plunder: We prefer to refer to ourselves as a Water Pollution Syndicate.

- Don't Drink the Water