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Early on in the series, there are several scenes across various episodes that might be interpreted to indicate a flirtatious and possibly romantic relationship between Kwame and Gi. Nothing ever seems to come of it, and their relationship is certainly not as prevelant as Wheeler and Linka's relationship, but it's obvious that Kwame and Gi do care deeply for one another and share a special bond.

Significant Episodes[edit]

Kwame and Gi race off together at the beginning of the episode to stop Greedly's latest plan.

During the exercise scene at the start of this episode, Kwame and Gi flirt and compete playfully, resulting in Kwame catching Gi after he causes her to fall from the obstacle course wall. (Pictured.)

After she is finally found by the other Planeteers, the Planeteers group hug, with Gi running right into Kwame's arms.