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Argos Bleak is the bodyguard of Looten Plunder. He also functions as a mercenary and carries out most of Plunder's dirty work. He seems to have a military background, as he is seen in many episodes flying helicopters or other aircraft, and is proficient in handling firearms. Interestingly, Bleak appears to have some amount of knowledge of engineering, once needing to warn Plunder about the collaspe of a water pumping station due to a lack of water underneath them.

Notably, he is the only 'sidekick' to have his own episode, arguably making him an Eco-villain in his own right.

Bleak's nationality is rather ambiguous, some fans considering him British, and some considering him Australian.

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Significant Episodes[edit]


Bleak and Rigger are in the process of taking Wheeler and Gi prisoner:

Rigger: That's a fire-proof net! My boss thinks of everything, yep, yep!

Bleak: Your boss? It was my boss' idea!

- Don't Drink the Water

Captain Planet spots the geo-cruiser behind the eco-villains and Wheeler.

Captain Planet: Sorry, Wheeler. There's nothing I can do.

Bleak: We won! We won!

- Don't Drink the Water